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Despite the name, at this point, at least, this is an informational site.  Once widely known for its EMS tutorial software, much of which still can be found on the Internet, and in other file areas specializing in EMS topics, the KA_Soft tutorials have not been updated in quite some time, and are not currently available through this site.ems_star_shimmering_lg_clr

This is a one-man project, and I have several others in the oven; while I often think about rewriting some of the more useful programs, such as the BTLS and PHTLS tutorials, and to introduce some new ones, specifically dealing with the prehospital treatment of children, too often a weak area in the education of an EMT or paramedic, I don't truly know if I'll ever get around to it.

Meanwhile, take a look around. You'll find some online exercises here, a message base, and several areas of interest to EMS students and professionals, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, and other emergency service providers.

If you're running an EMS-related site, you might be interested in our free Star-of -Life backgrounds. While you're here, add your site to our links page.

I've been involved in nearly every capacity of emergency medical services since taking my first EMT class in 1983 and, while I may not be able to answer every question as accurately or as promptly as I'd like, I am always willing to offer an opinion and may frequently be able to point you in the right direction.

Visit our store, browse the inventory, and I think you'll find some interesting things at a good price, chosen specifically for emergency service personnel.  This is not what I do for a living but your purchase pays the bills here.

We hFire Department Flagave links to other EMS, fire, or police websites, which I have found to be interesting or useful, as well as public safety and paramedic webrings that may guide you even to sites that I haven't visited yet.

Again, welcome to the KA Soft Software site. Look around. Hopefully, you'll find it to be of some use to you. Iif you have any suggestions, please pass them on to me.

Last modified on 06/27/04